Transdermal Implants, Beading and Subdermal Implants

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Transdermal Implants or Singlepoints: A Singlepoint can be simply described as a internally threaded post which protrudes through the skin, attached to a flat, labret-like base which heals under the skin, i.e. it is “a piercing without an exit.” Various types of external jewelry can be threaded into the post, giving the appearance of being directly attached into the body. See Adjacent Photo

Beading: A particular type of subdermal implant, often used for genital enhancement.

Subdermal Implants: Subdermal Implants are artificial devices inserted into the body. In this context, the term subdermal implant usually refers to beads or appliances of various shapes inserted under the skin for the purpose of body adornment. These appliances are made of surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, or silicone.