Age & Identification

Everyone that gets a procedure done – such as piercings, stretchings, implants, or insertions – must have government-issued photo identification with them at the time of the procedure. Examples are driver’s licenses, passports, state-issued or consular identification cards or military identification. It will be copied onto our release form which you must sign for the procedure to take place. This is in accordance with Riverside County ordinances and our insurance. Yes, we are insured! (Most shops are not insured except for property and slip-and-fall liability.)

Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present. Both the minor and the parent (or guardian) must have government-issued photo identification, and their last names must match. If the last names do not match, a birth certificate showing the parents’ names must be provided as well.

We are an award-winning shop and helped write the new health codes and uniform piercing & tattooing codes for the County of Riverside, which were enacted in 2012. We use sterile gloves for our piercing or implant procedures and all jewelry and tools are autoclaved before your procedure. We use only internally threaded jewelry for the initial piercing as required by code. We maintain only the highest standards used in the piercing industry so that YOUR experience is a safe and pleasant one.

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