When it comes to piercing your child’s ears, it has been our policy, our philosophy, to only pierce when the child was of an age to knowingly ask for the procedure, and also show that they could comply with our aftercare suggestions.

However, every society has its own customs and standards of beauty. Some parents wish to get their children’s ear piercings at an earlier age, even during infancy. After much consideration, soul searching and navel gazing, we’ve decided to change our policy. If a parent is adamant about pierced ears for their child, we’d sooner see it done in a sterile environment and by an experienced, caring professional, rather than at some big box store or mall kiosk by an amateur whose training consisted of watching a 45 minute video.

But please consider the following before getting the procedure done:

  •  Your child is growing. Where we place the earrings now may end up being too close to the face or too low later down the road.
  •  The risk for infection is higher if your child isn’t able to refrain from touching their jewelry or earlobes.
  •  You will need to clean the piercings at least twice a day during the healing period.
  •  If your child abandons their piercings later on in life, the piercings will leave a permanent mark, albeit a small one.

For us to pierce your child, you will need to bring their birth certificate and your photo identification. In the case of infants, you should wait until after their first set of shots and we prefer you check with your pediatrician beforehand.
Rockin’ Rob