Almost to a person, when clients ask about nipple piercings, they’re worried they might lose sensitivity—like their friend did, or like the hairstylist of their brother’s neighbor’s cousin’s friend’s uncle. If this was true, nipple piercings definitely wouldn’t be the most popular below-the-neck procedure for our shop!

While no definitive studies have been conducted, the anecdotal evidence I have suggests the opposite. What seems to happen to most clients is significantly enhanced nipple sensitivity. Sometimes the piercing doesn’t always “perform” as expected, but with proper placement, nipples shouldn’t run the risk of losing responsiveness.

Does this mean you have to worry about walking around 24/7 in a stimulated (titillated???) fever? No. Once you become accustomed to the piercing(s), the nipples will relax like normal, and they’ll provide the most sensation when you want them to. As you go about your daily ritual once they’ve healed, you’re not going to be in a constant state of frustration!!!

Rockin’ Rob