Healing Times

Healing piercing

Healing times listed below are averages for most individuals in good health. Actual healing times can vary considerably based on the individual and the quality of after-care of the piercing.

Above the Neck

Monroe/Crawford/Medusa: 2-4 months
Erl/Earl: 3–6 months
Cheek/Anti-Eyebrow: 3–6 months
Ear cartilage: Up to a Year
Earlobes: 2-3 months
Eyebrow: 1-3 Months
Tragus: 6–12 months
Lip/Labret: 2-3 months
Nostril: 3–6 months
Septum: 3–4 months
Tongue: 2-3 months


Nipples: 4-6 months
Navel: 4–8 months
Hand Web: 12 mos – never
Most Surface: 6–8 months

Female Genital Piercings

Clitoral Hood: 2–3 months
Clitoris: 4-6 weeks
Fourchette: 2–3 months
Labia Minora: 2–3 months
Labia Majora: 2–6 months
Triangle: 2–3 months

Male Genital Piercings

Ampallang: 6-9 months
Apadravya: 6-9 months
Dydoe: 3–4 months
Frenum: 2-3 months
Guiche: 3-5 months
Prince Albert: 4–6 weeks
Reverse Prince Albert: 4–6 months
Scrotum/Hafada: 2-3 months
Foreskin: 2–3 months
Lorum: 2-3 months

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